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I had the pleasure of sharing this beautiful city with an old friend from home these past few days. Has anyone else ever realized that it's in the moments of sharing something you love with someone else that you realize how much you take it for granted on a daily basis? Because, oh boy, do I take this place for granted sometimes.

San Francisco is such a special city. It takes you in, it nurtures you, it challenges you, it forces you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, it changes you. It will terrify and amaze you all in one fell swoop.

Here's to the guy who walks around selling literary journals and reading you poems like he's Morgan Freeman narrating a movie and the fact that there's always somewhere to have a good time, even on a Wednesday night. The pizza and the never-ending hills. The pockets of nature and the million dollar views.  And to all of the magic this city spews out on the daily.

Stay gold, San Francisco. 

(Stay Gold lettering from a photo I took in the dressing room at Benny Gold.)
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