"Everything is as it should be, and everything will change. Be present and embrace the now." -Brad, the yogi

Time for some truth: I've been really tired of this city lately. What once used to inspire wonder and awe is now leaving me uninspired and exhausted.

And then, in yoga last night, Brad kept repeating this mantra of "everything is as it should be, and everything will change", and somewhere between the deepest belly breaths and a few good "ooommmmmmmm"'s, I really started to feel what he was saying. The thing is, life is a lot like yoga. You have to learn to quiet your mind, to listen to your body, to know when to back off, to know when it's a good time to push further, and most importantly, to recognize that each day brings a new set of variables. Just because doing something felt right last week, or even just yesterday, does not mean you're ready for it again today. And more often than not, if you just let go of the fear, the doubt, the comparing, the fill-in-the-blank with whatever is holding you back, you find some inner strength you didn't know you had and start doing something you didn't know was possible; the transition seamless.

When I take a moment to look at the bigger picture of my life, and stop comparing, and stop thinking of where I could be, and just start embracing the present, the truth is, everything is as it should be. I'm pushing further and still a little wobbly in my stance, but you know what, that's perfectly okay. As Brad would say (after me nodding my head in response to him asking if a certain pose felt intense): YES, YES, YES.

(ps. Technically, these photos are embracing last summer, but they signify a moment in time when I was fully present and embraced in the now, so that's what counts.)


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