some thought

landing in virginia // r a g e // an afternoon in dolores park // an afternoon on the beach

I've been thinking a lot of social media, especially instagram, and it's role in my life lately. I haven't come to any mind blowing conclusions about any of it, but I have decided that I want to be more mindful about what it's adding to my life. The more I dig deep into instagram and the ways it best fits into my life, the more I realize it's a very unpersonal thing for me. I don't post photos of myself, I rarely post photos of the people in my life, I mostly follow people I don't know in real life because I like what they're putting out and too many people I do know in real life have feeds full of selfies. I'm learning the importance of being able to detach personal feelings from social media, because let's face it, we all have a little fomo from time to time. You know, just because someone didn't like your photo, or follow you back, or invite you on that awesome adventure they went on, none of it has any significant importance in life. It's about finding what matters to you, what fulfills you. For me, that means using social media as a way to discover new content, to find new inspiration, to see what others are out there making and doing. Which also means, that if all you do is post selfies, chances are, I don't care.