Sight Seeing : The Dirty South

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The last time the three of us had been a trip together was the time we went to visit colleges during my senior year of highschool. The first night we spent in the airport and then later at the hotel bar, sharing fries and key lime pie and catching up on the recent happenings of life. The time difference caught up to us the next morning and we all snoozed longer than anticipated. We woke slowly, and adventured to find a good spot for breakfast before heading off to the wedding, which filled the rest of the day. The third day, we woke early and drove three hours down a highway lined with never-ending forests on either side to a town that reminded us all a little bit of home. We walked aimlessly around the town, exploring all the hidden corners, until we finally threw up our white flag to the heat. When morning came, we sailed down the highway again, this time catching glimpses of the atlantic in the gaps of the never-ending forests. Even though this adventure took place on the other side of the country, it ended in the same way they all do, with a visit to the local ball park to catch the game, checking another stadium off the list.