a quick hello

Jensen Luther1 Comment

It's been a while, but, as always, I've got flowers for you! I picked these luscious babes up at a new little marketplace that just opened by my house, I'm pretty sure it's going to be a weekly thing.

Some things to note:
+ I've been spending a crazy amount of time in my neighborhood, which has been changing the way I see this city (in a super good way)
+ There's been a lot of dreaming and scheming happening over here. I have some pretty big goals for myself this year
+ I've been focusing on being present, rather than fretting over the past / future, AND MAN, it feels so good

I swear I take photos of things other than flowers, like that trip to New York! and those two weeks I spent soaking up sun on the beach! and a mini adventure with Sarah to Bodega Bay! and that I'll be sharing them all real soon. I also have a bunch of film to get developed, yahooza!