Jensen Luther1 Comment

This. This is Marfa.

A town where the thing it's most known for doesn't even lie within city limits, and where you can find a little slice of San Francisco in the form of $6 iced coffee and fancy toast, where half the restaurants are run by the same dude and take "cash or check only, please" and then give you change in the form of a $2 bill and a dollar coin, where you miss the infamous porridge because the lady who makes it was dj'ing a wedding the night before, and where the bar is having a special on "gluten free, naturally sweetened cider" but is forever out of miller high life, where you can end up in an airstream bodega store that sells a wide selection of VHS tapes, Amy's canned soups, plastic dinosaurs turned into succulent planters and a plethora of other survival necessities, and where almost everything is only open for three hours a day, two days a week, and where you feel like you're in a giant art installation -- but you don't mind because you said yes to always going, and you found a magical bus to drink tecate out of a bottle in and the best bookstore of your life and you maybe never want to leave.

Marfa you're all sorts of weird and magical and I love you.